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Fish Finders

Fish Finders

The invention of the fish finder was born of a young boy's dream - "how wonderful if I could see underwater." That young boy was one of the Furuno brothers.

Back in 1948, Kiyotaka and Kiyokata Furuno owned a small marine electrical company in a small port in Japan. At that time, it was a fisherman's secret that bubbles signalled a fishes location. Equipped with this knowledge, the brothers ventured out to invent a way for anyone to find schools of fish. Thus, the Fish Finders we know and love today were born.

Fish Finders work because they emit sound waves which are reflected back when coming into contact with air bubbles or solid objects. This forms an accurate picture of what's going on under the waves.

A Fish Finder makes it easy for even a novice fisherman to tell where fish are located.


Need your Fish Finder fitted?

Our specialist marine engineers are on hand to help you find the right solution. Fish Finders can be tricky to fit, if you aren't 100% confident get in touch with a member of your team to book a fitting.

Less hassle, more fish! Take the stress out of fishing by knowing exactly where to cast

Easily find bait schools and feeder fish

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